Friday, December 25, 2009

PNG and Christmas

So Sorry that I haven't updated in forever! Life has been crazy busy but so much freaking fun!!! First off lets talk PNG. My team made a little news letter so I am going to post what I put in there and then share some more.
If I would have to put Papua New Guniea into one word it would be epic! God moved so much while we were there. One thing that really touch me while we were there is this child named Jackson. Jackson was a ten year old kid that would walk home with me every night after our programs and he would sing and tell me stories about his family. The last night we were in Wau Jackson brought his family to the service to meet us. His dad told me that Jackson would come home every night telling them stories about us and he told them how much we loved all the people there. Jackson is going to change the world if he stays close to God and continues to grow in a relationship with Him. That is my prayer and hope for him as well.

Really PNG did change my life forever and God has spoken to me about going back there. So a little about what we did....Almost everyday for 3 weeks we would do a program at a church or market. There would be anywhere from 300-800 people there and the response to the programs were amazing! God moved so much and everyday/night people would give their liefs to Christ and even more would come up for prayer!! God really gave me a heart for these people.
So in our free time we would play with about 20 kids! The kids thought we were the funniest things they had ever seen. One thing that touch me the most is sometimes the kids would cry after they walked us home and they said it was because nobody in their lifes would show them the love that we did. Some of them haven't even heard I Love You! Thats when my heart would break!!! It was the hardest place to leave (besides home). I can't wait to go back! I have tons more stories but don't really know which ones to share.
So Christmas here on base has been great and so weird! Even right now all of my DTS is watching a ton of Christmas movies all night long. Today was the first Christmas that I opened my presents in bed. Also the food was so amazing!!!
Prayer Request: People are missing home, We are raising money for our second outreach and funds have to be in by the 5th of January! People have been getting sick so please pray for healing and also as well nobody else gets sick! Thanks all and I love you very much!!!!!!!!