Friday, October 30, 2009


This last week was amazing! I have never felt God and seen Him this much in my life. He is so big and longs to be use by us. He used me in ways I would have never thought of. He really knows everything about us. The same God that creates the most beautiful flowers, the most beautiful oceans, the most beautiful everything created ME and YOU. That means you are the most beautiful! We are His favorite ones! Freedom is ours. Proclaim that truth over your life!!! God is so amazing. He is our identity.

We leave in 3 weeks for PNG and I am so excited! I'm super nerves. I'll be challenge like never before and I can't wait for it!!!! Bulolo and Wau are the different villages we are going to and sharing the Good News. Hiking everywhere we go!We have to wear clothes that I have never worn before! I'm just so excited and can't wait!!!

Tonight we have Youth Street and that's just so much fun! The kids just need people to love them and people that really care about them and who they are. They have so much to offer, but they just get told they are nothing and they are stupid. They are so freaking smart! They are some of the most creative kids I know!

Please pray for me and that I would be sensitive to God and His words. Pray as we prepare for PNG. We still need a lot of money, but we do trust in God and one of His character traits is provider. Pray for rest, we do so much here and its very hard to do what God wants you to when your warn out! Thank you!

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