Saturday, October 10, 2009

Getting here and being here

So i'm finally here! The trip here was so hard. I was leaving LAX going to New Zealand and a bird hit the plane. They turned the plane around and went back to LA. Had to spend the night in LA. So I missed my connecting flights to get to Australia. Then I got to stay the night in New Zealand. Finally after almost 72 hours of traveling I was here! When I got here I wanted to come straight home. I'm feeling better now but haven't really done much expect sleep and put my stuff away. I'm sharing a room with 7 other girls 3 of which that are from the stated. I miss home a lot right now. It's hard to find time to call home. I'm trying to downland skype right now so I can talk to people. I don't feel good so please pray that I feel better! We have our first real time to meet other people today so I hope that goes well. School starts tomorrow which I'm really excited about! The weather reminds me of Nicaragua! That brings peace to me. I'll update more later! Love much!!


  1. Home misses you, but I have no doubt you are where The Lord wants you. I get confirmaion all the time and it gives me peace. Our study tomorrow is titled " Called and Sent". It talks about where God guides God provides and I truly feel He is guiding, but I still miss you more than ever.
    You be strong and I will be strong and I will see you soon.

  2. I couldn't imagine 72 hours of traveling! I think I would have cried most of the time! But you are there and that's so fun!! I'm excited about all the people you are going to meet while you are there! What an awesome opportunity to live with people of different backgrounds and cultures! So much to learn and I love it!! What kind of things do you do at school? What are the classes like? So i'm all about pictures!!! I think a photo blog would be great!!! :)